Shazam 2019

아주 오랜만에 히어로다운 히어로영화를 찾았다.

순수한 마음의 후계자…
S 솔로몬의 지혜
H 헤라클레스의 힘
A 아틀라스의 체력
Z 제우스위 권위
A 아킬레스의 용기
M 머큐리의 스피드

그리고, 일곱대죄…
분노, 식탐, 교만, 탐욕, 나태, 색욕, 질투

:I invited another friend.
:I hope that’s okay.

Love Affair 1994

: You know, I painted you wearing that.
: I wish you’d seen it. It was good.
: I left it at the hotel.
: They hung it in the restaurant …
: … and there was a young woman who came in and really liked it.
: They told me she kept trying to buy it so I said ” Just give it to her because she wants the damn thing so much.”
: They said she didn’t seem like she had a lot of money …
: … and not only that, they told me she was …
: She was …